Friday, November 30, 2012

Shy men go to strip clubs

How do you get a lap dance? How does it work? What really goes on in the strip clubs? Strippers exist in an environment of fun and fantasy. There's no magic to it, just be yourself and be honest with what you are looking for. I love strip clubs, they are great for shy guys to get a confidence boost before they go out on the pull. Girls look good and make you feel good. I'm glad that shy men go to strip clubs. Over the past few years, lap-dancing clubs have proliferated, branding themselves as a respectable part of the leisure industry. Some dancers perform primarily on the stage while others will walk and perform throughout the venue.
Do what makes you comfortable. but don't get overly drunk and be an idiot. Have fun and take some pics...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Is it okay to go to the strip club?

Is it okay?

I love going to the strip club. I have been to strip clubs all over the World. A good place for guys to go have a few beers. And pole dancing, is fun. The smell of the breast just blow my mind!
Men like women in all shapes, and the women there are friendly and helpful.

Tits are lovely in all shapes and sizes. Give Tits a Chance.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Why Do Shy Men Love Strip Clubs?

Strip clubs has been steadily increasing in popularity

Why Do Shy Men Love Strip Clubs?

Now where would I start? Just wondering what most guys like about a girls body: nice legs, nice face, nice back off. Guys like strip clubs because there are girls in there! In any strip club you’ll see shy guy there being approached by women, girls like guys who have good personality traits. The strip club is bound by its own rules, be honest about what you are seeking.

Advise for a shy guy: don't be shy about talking to the dancers. Touching-if you didn't know already, there is no touching at strip clubs. This is no suggestion, it's actually the law!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

How to find a good strip club?

For anyone who hasn't been to a strip club...Go immidietly . A strip club is just like any bar...Just better...

What is the "Good strip club"?

Clean,good looking club, with selective, hot striptease dancers.
Fun place with a good location,where a guy can feel free.
Fully licensed with a capacity of 200 up.
Stage, professional stage lighting and good sound system.
Large bar area, private VIP suite with dance podium , VIP Lounge bar...
I have asked a question on price of drinks , is an important component.
Nice music. Relaxing, stress free atmosphere.

Can anyone recommend your city?